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Why do nipple sore?

Why do nipple sore?

For women, they would usually encounter sore nipples at one point of their lives.  There are a lot of factors why nipples sore.  The soreness may be normal but if the pain intensifies, there might be a problem with the breast.

Nipple soreness is brought about by the reproductive cycle.  During post-ovulation or before a woman can experience her monthly period, the breast becomes tender and the nipples sore.  This is caused by the estrogen and the progesterone.  These extra hormones cause water to be retained in the body.  The storage of fluid in the body can also be felt in the breast thus causing sore nipples.

Another reason for nipple soreness is the climacteric syndrome.  Climacteric syndrome happens when there is an irregularity in the ovary.  Aside from painful breasts, other symptoms would include hot flashes, headaches, mood changes, and bloating.

For lactating moms, nipples may sore because the baby sucks them.  There are times that the baby may bite the nipple and this may cause soreness.  Sometimes, it may be caused by too much milk accumulated in the breast.  Once the milk hardens, the breast may experience pain.

If a woman is pregnant, she can also experience soreness in the nipples.  This is because the hormones estrogen and progesterone increases.  The fluid accumulates in the breast in preparation for the milk of the newborn baby.

Other factors such as fat levels may also cause the nipple to sore and the breast to swell.  If your fat content is imbalance, it may cause your breast tissue to be more sensitive.  This may contribute to the soreness of the nipple.

Drugs especially contraceptives may also contribute to nipple sore.   For worse cases, nipple sore can be an indication of Paget’s disease.  When somebody suffers from this disease, the nipples become irritated and painful.  This would also signify that there is an underlying tumor the breast tissue which can sometimes lead to breast cancer.


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