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Why do Palestinians want Jerusalem

Why do Palestinians want Jerusalem

History has it that the clash between Palestinians and Israelis is one of the most persistent and violent among the many lists of existing world conflicts.   The issues concerned are wide-ranging, but the very reason behind the ongoing conflict was all about the control over Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is believed by many to be the capital city of Israel. According to Biblical account, the Torah, and historical accounts, Jerusalem is a homeland to Jewish people and served as their capital. But, this has not been recognized internationally because of the lingering territorial disputes with the Palestinians who also claim to have both historical and religious rights over the city.

According to Islamic historical accounts, it was under the ruling of the Umayyads that Jerusalem started to have a significant place in Islamic belief. The Dome of the Rock”, or Masjid Qubbat As Sakhrah, was built in Jerusalem under the ruling of Caliph Abd al Malik. After two decades, the Umayyads constructed additional mosque situated on the Temple Mount they called the Furthest Mosque or Masjid al Aqsa. Al Aqsa was believed to be the symbolic spot where Mohammed have moved up to heaven in a form of a vision, known to Arabs as Mi’raj”, after his night journey coming from Mecca mounted on a winged stallion named Al Buraq. Since then, Jerusalem was considered as the third holy city” of Islam. However, the Koran did not mention the Temple Mount or Jerusalem in its text, which is largely questioned by the Jews as they claim to be the rightful inhabitants of the land.

As time passes by, Jerusalem as an Islamic holy city” was taken for granted. Its religious significance was totally neglected. It was not until Israel took back its control over East Jerusalem that the city was reunified and restored as a Jewish motherland, developed from being a barren and forgotten city into fruitful and developing territory. Up until now, the Palestinians are trying to take away Jerusalem from Israel preventing the Jews from taking back the land that is believed to be promised to them by God.


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