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Why do People cut themselves?

Why do people cut themselves?

Certain types of people are self-injurious, and would possibly do anything in order to inflict danger upon themselves. Cutting one’s self does not only happen to adults who are suffering from the many problems of life. Often, this also happens to teenagers, and those who are just entering their puberty stages.

The main reason why people will cut themselves is depression. Sometimes, problems can overwhelm a person so much that they would want to inflict pain on themselves in order to numb the emotional pain that they feel. Sometimes, people do it as a way to show others, unconsciously, that they need some help. Because they find it hard to express to others what they are truly feeling, they show it through cutting themselves.

However, cutting oneself is not always a symbol of depression, sadness and grief. Some people will do the same thing, all in the name of love. For these people, they believe that cutting themselves is a way of telling their other halves that they would do anything, even endure pain and suffering, to show the extent of their love.

Among teenagers, cutting themselves is a way to get with the ‘in’ crowd. They believe that it is cool to be emotional, to be depressed with life, and to go against the norm. Thus, showing off their cuts and scars is a way to make them feel like they belong to a group, which is what people at this age are usually looking for.

If you are a parent of such a type of person, or if you are actually any of these people mentioned above, you must always take into consideration that cutting oneself is not safe. Slashing veins can risk a loss of too much blood if you are not able to attend to the wound right away, and the things that you use to cut yourself could endanger your health as well.


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