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Why do Pets Run Away?

Why do pets run away?

We always consider our pets special because they can be our companions and best friends. They perform so many roles which are important to us like guarding our house, giving life to our home, and relieving the stress that we experience after a day of hard work.

Unfortunately, some pets run away from us because they also have feelings. They may have their own reason why they want to be free and go with their peers.

Pets run away because they feel uncomfortable already in our home. Maybe they are not fed well or taken care of. They also want to look for food to satisfy their tummy. They may also want to look for better homes which they will find comfortable. Pets such as dogs and cats also go away from our homes because they want to be with their own species. They find contentment and happiness if they belong to a group. Other pets may also feel lonely because they don’t have any partner of companion. Since they see their fellow animal, they go with them.

Pets have a brain and heart. They can’t talk but they can feel. There are pet owners who hurt their animals. To avoid further abuse, the animals just run away to save their lives. Pets are social animals. By nature they really want to wander and explore new things. They don’t want to be kept in a cage or a home which is always closed. They want to be exposed because they also need friends. Some pets are enticed to run away because of the scent they smell. This usually happens if they are longing for food. Once they see prey, they will definitely run after it and sometimes won’t come back.

If we want our pets to stay then, we must shower them with basic needs, care, and love.


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