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Why do pimples hurt so much?

Why do pimples hurt so much?

Also known as zit, pimples are one type of acne that usually sprouts from increased amounts of oil being trapped into the pores. Pimples occur because of the blockage in the pore due to the presence of the sebum, which adheres dead skin cells to another. Sebum is the main product of the sebaceous glands that are found inside the pores. Having various types, pimples can be treated by different acne medications prescribed by a dermatologist, or purchased at a drug store with a wide variety of treatments.

Pimples commonly sprout during the adolescent stage, in which the stage of puberty is at its height. During puberty, it is expected that the skin becomes thicker and the glands secrete an increased amount of substances such as sebum and sweat. With the sebaceous glands producing more sebum, this builds up behind the blockage, harboring different kinds of bacteria. The accumulation of microorganisms eventually causes infection and inflammation, which can be evidently seen as pimples turn red, elevated and painful to touch. The pain is basically due to the inflammation taking place within the pores, which can spread in the tissue of our skin causing a quite painful sensation. For some, pimples create pus because of the infection. During these cases, it is important that the pimple should not be pricked, else more pain will be felt as it is pricked. To prevent the pain from aggravating, allow the pimple to wither by itself. The soreness will only last for 2-3 days and the pimple will eventually be healed several days thereafter.

Pimples are great problems of everybody, especially to teenagers who undergo puberty. It is vital therefore that proper personal hygiene as well as nutritious dietary intake be consciously practiced to prevent pimples from occurring.


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