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Why do Pirates wear Earrings?

Why do Pirates wear Earrings?

Wearing the earrings is a tradition that was followed in the early days when the earrings were not considered as jewelry. The earrings were considered as material that protects the wearer from wicked spirits. It is part of the tradition that the earrings could make the pirates to visualize things well and believe that it offers strong eyesight for them. Sea men will consider the ear rings as a symbol of travel and voyage.

Earrings were worn by the sailors who are young. The ear rings have indicated their entry into the crossing of equator for the first time or when they surrounded the treacherous waters of Cape Horn. The pirates believe strongly that wearing the ear rings cures the bad eyesight as they possess magical healing powers. They also think that the ears that are pierced will avoid seasickness. The ear rings made of gold was believed to work as protective talisman and the people who wear ear rings will not get drowned.

Some people say that the myths about the ear rings were all false. The ear rings made of gold or silver would be used for the expenses of the funeral of sailor if his body is pushed ashore by the waves. Some of the pirates engrave the name of their native port so that their bodies will be sent to their places for their burial. If the sea man dies on the ship, the earrings will help the other men to spend for transporting his body to the native place and to their families. This will prevent the body of that person to get lost in the sea which is a foreign place.

When there is a fight between the pirates, the cannons they use for firing will generate a large noise. To avoid hearing such a big noise, pirates will use the dangled wads of wax in the ear rings as the ear plugs.


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