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Why Do Quarterback Identify the Mike Linebacker?

Why Do Quarterback Identify the Mike Linebacker?

Football is America’s favorite game. There is a football that other countries call soccer. Then, there is the American football. It is a game known to be very physical because players tackle each other. But, just like any other game it needs tactic to win. It is important for a quarterback to identify the Mike Linebacker. Why is it so?

In football there is a quarterback who has a hold on the ball and directs the team. He plays on the offensive side. Then there is the Linebacker, also commonly called ‘Mike,. The linebacker is basically the quarterback of the offensive side. The quarterback identifies the Mike linebacker so that he knows the play of the game.

In other words, for a quarterback to identify the Mike linebacker he is able to form a technique in getting pass the defense. There is a defensive line that parts the two teams; the linebacker is directly behind that line. Linebackers usually wait for a play to develop. If it is a run play, they will try to stop the runner, or block holes in the line, so that the runner is forced backwards. If it is a pass play, they can either put pressure on the quarterback, or drop back into pass coverage; usually a linebacker will cover the running back or the tight end.

The quarterback secures a touchdown while a linebacker prevents it. When a quarterback identifies the Mike linebacker, he knows the player who will put a pressure on his play. At the same time, he knows how he should play to get a touchdown. He can take options, whether the Mike linebacker is better in tackling offensive runners or at preventing the quarterback from making the pass. Just like any other game, there is no better defense than knowing the other team.


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  1. totally wrong..its to set the run and pass blocking schemes

  2. Yeah, this article doesn’t correctly explain the concept of identifying the mike linebacker in football. It talks about what an offense does (score) and what a defense does (prevent score). Who would have thought? LOL, who wrote this article?

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