Why do Rainbows form?

Why do Rainbows form?

Many people think that rainbows are a sign of hope and good luck. People think of sunlight as color white, or gold at times. The truth is, sunlight is made up of many different colors. These colors are seen in the rainbows when they are formed. The seven primary colors are seen in this breathtaking phenomenon that appears after a rain or a slight drizzle.

A rainbow only appears when certain conditions are met. The reflection of sunlight through droplets of water (mist, fog, rain etc) helps refract the light and exposes the different colors that comprise sunlight. When the sun changes positions and the droplets of water are not present in the atmosphere, the rainbow disappears as well. People love to look at rainbows and thus different stories and legends are born along with it.

There are places on where you can see a rainbow all day long (as long as the sun shines on that particular spot). Rainbows can be found near waterfalls, usually seen just before the water hits the bottom. It is best viewed from a distance, and it will look larger as well.

Legend says that if you are able to go to the end of a rainbow you will be able to obtain a pot of gold. The real treasure behind its beauty is the rarity of the phenomenon. You can consider yourself lucky if you even see a rainbow, because it doesn’t always appear after a rain.

Thinking of rainbows as a bridge between heaven and earth may not really be an exaggeration. Since it extends from the sky towards land, the link between heaven and earth is seen in this phenomenon. In biblical times people refer to rainbows as a symbol of hope. Whether it is for luck or hope, a rainbow is a breathtaking phenomenon to see.

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