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Why do Rattlesnakes rattle?

Why do Rattlesnakes rattle?

Rattle snakes are known to be aggressive and deadly. The venom of rattle snakes is a toxic substance. It consists of complex substances which constitute enzymes mixed together. This complex mixture is unique to the venom of pit vipers which has the capacity to paralyze the nerves and damage the blood. The fangs of this snake are like hypodermic syringes that can move accordingly. The rattle snakes have dual visual systems. These snakes were known to have sensory organs on the upper jaw other than eyes. These organs are used by the snake to identify the infrared images. They have the ability to sense the heat from a candle flame which is 30 feet far.

Rattle snakes can be differentiated from other snakes with the help of their rattle. During the time of their birth, rattle snakes have first segment of rattle. This is known as pre button. The snake slowly sheds its skin and forms button. Shedding of the skin periodically replaces a new segment added anew to the rattle. It was observed that rattle snakes shed their skin 3 to 4 times per year. If there are more than one segment in the body of the snake, then it can generate sounds like rattling. The simple movement of the segments one above the other produces a sound. This peculiar sound heard coming from the movement of the rattle, back and front for more than sixty times.

The rattle sound produced by the rattle snake is due to the presence of fibrous protein known as keratin. Substances made up of keratin get destroyed easily. As the keratinized segments are broken easily the snake’s age cannot be predicted based on the number of segments. The initial small scales are changed into large segments called as rattle and the tail of these snakes also appears stump like rather than pointed. Rattling can be even louder and the frequency of it can be reached from 5000 hertz to 8000 hertz which is same as that of the siren made by the ambulance.


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