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Why do raw eggs float?

The raw eggs that are fresh will sink in water and if they are floating then probably they are spoiled. The eggs that are very old will be observed to be floating in water as they have big air cell. The air cell will start to form as the egg gets cooled slowly after it is laid. As the egg becomes older, the egg cell also becomes bigger in size with more air filled in it. The shell in the egg is observed as a semi porous substance which allows the air to enter into the egg along with the bacteria. The entry of air and bacteria will enhance the size of the air bubble which is naturally present inside the egg. The bacteria entry will create gas inside the egg.

Therefore, if the egg is floating it has to be really old. The spoiling gases will be filled inside the shell as time passes by and the egg becomes buoyant. If the egg can stand on one of its end in water for sometime and sink later, it means that it is still fresh but not totally. The egg that is raw will not spin easily while the egg that is cooked will spin easily. The egg which is raw will shake and float as the centrifugal force will distribute the yellow yolk in the white liquid.

The egg will form an air pocket in its middle which might not be formed in all the eggs. This air pocket will create a type of floater and makes the egg to float on water. To test whether the egg is old or fresh one, it can be done by allowing the egg to display its behavior in the water. If it floats then it is older as the gases get accumulated in the egg due to the chemical process. The old egg gets dehydrated and gets filled with air.


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