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Why do reindeer pull Santa’s sleigh?

Reindeer and Santa Claus have always been associated with the holidays or Christmas.  All pictures, cards, posters, and songs that depict Santa Claus riding in a sleigh are pulled by reindeer relating to a poem written by Clement C. Moore back in 1823.  The poem “A Visit From St. Nicholas” basically mentioned that Santa was riding in a sleigh when delivering Christmas gifts to children all over the world. The sleigh was also mentioned to have been pulled by several reindeer with names like Dasher, Dancer, Comet, and Cupid among many others.  With this poem’s popularity through the ages, people have always pictured Santa Claus as having a sleigh ride pulled by reindeer during Christmas time.

The poem “A Visit From St. Nicholas” was published and released in different versions making it popular in many parts of the world.  Santa Claus’ sleigh ride wouldn’t be complete if not for the eight reindeer that were mentioned in the poem.  The ninth reindeer, named Rudolph, was then added into the mix through another book that was published in 1939.  From then on, Santa Claus’ sleigh ride was thought of as being pulled by nine reindeer that helped him travel the world to deliver gifts to nice children.

In the real-world setup, theorists have pointed out that reindeer were the chosen animals to pull Santa’s sleigh because they were the only species of deer that can be domesticated.  This simply means that reindeer can be quite friendly to humans, and so this may have been the source of inspiration for the original writer of the poem that mentioned the reindeer as pulling the sleigh of Santa Claus.  Reindeer are also thought to be fast runners and are strong enough to pull a real sleigh over the thick snow.  With Christmas time often associated with snow and Santa Claus who is thought of as residing at the North Pole, the reindeer are quite an obvious choice when it comes to looking for animals that can possibly help pulling sleighs and deliver gifts around the world.



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