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Why do Roosters crow?

Why do roosters crow?

Many birds sing at sunrise, and most often the male bird sings the loudest. Although we cannot correctly say why they sing in the mornings, some of the activity can be explained. It is found from studies that birds sing to attract mates, to warn intruders of its territory, and to reestablish communication with its flock members after the night has passed.

A rooster is a young male chicken. It is called a cockerel in some parts of the world, and a cock by some others. Roosters were found to crow not only in the mornings, but at any time of the day as well. The time of its crowing depends on the purpose for which it is doing so. So, it is a misconception that roosters crow in the morning to welcome the sun. These breeds have good lungs to crow at length. They stay mostly high up in the trees, scanning the region by crowing, and preventing any danger from affecting their flock.

Roosters are normally found to crow whenever any car passes by with its lights on, or when they think that someone is going to harm their hens. They crow in order to protect them from enemies. Some roosters crow constantly, and others only a few times a day. Some roosters crow because they hear other roosters crowing. This is to tell them to stay away, and assert that this region of the yard is their domain.

Roosters are known to crow from five months of age and continue until they die. Bantam roosters and standard roosters are known to crow louder than other breeds. Some people who rear these roosters say that roosters will crow even when they go to open their art gallery, thinking that someone is coming to harm their flock. Roosters are also found to crow when its hen cackles after laying eggs.


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