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Why do Scabs itch?

Why do scabs itch?

People usually get scabs on their skin when they scratch their knee or other parts of their body or when they fall down and scrape their body into any sharp material. Scabs are crusts of dried blood and fiber that covers the wound. What happens is that blood platelets coagulate and bind with fibrin to cover the wound and over time it heals and causes the scabs to itch. Often times we feel irritated because we feel an itching sensation from the scabs.

There are several reasons why scabs are itchy:

· The body produces a substance called ‘Histamine’ whenever we have wounds and injuries. This is a natural body reaction. This substance is contained in the scab formation as a part of the healing process. Histamines naturally irritate the skin causing the scab to itch.
· During the healing process, some nerve fibers become irritated and inflamed. This process leads to the itching sensation that we feel. When scabs form, the surrounding nerves send the brain an itching signal causing the brain to think that the skin is being tickled alerting you to scratch that healing spot.
· During the healing process, wounds repair themselves. They shrink in size, partly because of the elasticity of the skin but partly because the scabs pulls away from the new skin causing the scab to itch. As new nerves, the blood vessels and skin is concentrated in one area which also causing the itch. Itching is caused by any irritation under or on the skin.
· Another reason for itching is the small cracks in the scab as it dries or maybe an infection. That is why some dermatologists treat the wounds with moist dressings to prevent dryness and scabbing. The dryness of the scab and surrounding skin may also cause the itchy feeling.

In conclusion, scabs itch as a sign that the wound is already healing so there is nothing to worry about unless you feel other symptoms then I suggest you go see your doctor.


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