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Why do Smoke detectors beep?

Why do Smoke detectors beep?

The beeping of smoke detectors can be controlled by stopping the noise created by them by some trouble shooting methods and preventive maintenance. The batteries have to be monitored and checked in order to stop the alarm from beeping. A single chirp that comes out of the alarm tells you that the battery backup fails. If the battery is changed and still the chirps are heard, then there is possibility that the batteries are placed reversely.

The alarm that is still continuously beeping can be paused by holding the test button on the smoke alarm. Mean while the alarm can be ‘reset’ and the old battery that has failed should be removed from its memory after the old battery is replaced with new one. The fire alarm sensor can accumulate dust or insects inside and hence attachment of vacuum or compressed air container to the alarm can be cleared. It is necessary to clean up the fire alarm sensor at least twice a year in order to clear the spider webs or any other dust which can cause chirping of alarm.
The temperature inside the house can be one of the reasons for making the smoke detector to beep. If the interior of the house is very hot or very cold then the smoke alarm may chirp. It is essential for us to monitor the actual smoke detector that has the problem and identify it first before starting to trouble shoot it. So, it is better to identify the exact problematic smoke detector which is present among several of the detectors in the chain. To identify the correct detector, each of the family members can be made to stand at each of the detectors and allow them to hear the beep. If any of these methods do not work, then it is better to call an electrician to rectify the beeping problem of smoke detector.


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