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Why do sponges smell?

Why do sponges smell?

There are various definitions of sponges, depending on the nature of its use. Sponges may refer to the kind of animals that are found in oceans and seas. However, sponges in this light, refers to the material being used in kitchens of most households and other food establishments. Sponges are consist of a porous material and are classified as part of the many cleaning materials, As good water absorbers and other water-based solutions, sponges are most commonly utilized in removing dirt on impervious surfaces. Sponges are ususally made from cellulose wood fibers or foamed plastic polymers

Despite the very useful purpose of sponges in most cleaning activities, it still claims to be one of the dirtiest objects that exist, after it has been used. It was discovered that sponges, which is typically made of wood, are the perfect avenue for bacteria to reside, grow and proliferate. Harmful bacteria and fungi opt to live in wet places where they can grow and the great example of such kind of habitat is sponges. Sponges are the perfect habitat for bacteria to grow because it remains to be wet all throughout the course of its use. In addition to that, sponges build up a distinct smell, which can be greatly credited to the presence of various kinds of microorganisms and pathogens that are contained within the sponges. Another reason why sponges smell evidently awful is because sponges come in contact with different materials and objects that have their own natural odor. More so, the foul smell that sponges gradually acquire through its constant use is due to certain chemical reactions taking place between the detergent being used and the material being cleansed.

Today, many manufacturers work its way on improving the efficiency of sponges without harboring too much bacteria.


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