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Why do Spurs have a cockerel?

Tottenham Hotspur is a football club that is part of the English Premier League. Founded back in 1882 this football club has already won several championships in various leagues within the UK and across Europe. Fans of this football club refer to the team and players as Spurs and many have noticed that a cockerel is part of their official crest and logo. The use of the cockerel dates back to the 1921 FA Cup final and many attributed this to Harry Hotspur, a character from one of Shakespeare’s works and the official inspiration of the Hotspur team name. Harry Hotspur was said to be fond of using spurs when riding and he also had fighting cocks that wore miniature spurs. With this inspiration, the football club eventually used a cockerel as part of their official logo and crest. The cockerel in the logo stands atop a football and a close inspection on it will reveal an actual spur fitted to its leg. Since 1921, the cockerel became associated with the Tottenham Hotspurs and various team uniforms, flags, and paraphernalia are adorned with the cockerel and football images.

There are also stories that point out the use of a cockerel by the Spurs several years before they were seen on the shirts. Back in 1909, one player is said to have brought a bronze statue or cast of a cockerel and placed it on top of one part of Tottenham’s home stadium. By then, the image of the cockerel became associated with the team and this eventually led to its adoption in the official logo and crest. Variations of the Hotspur logo and crest were made several times but the present logo still features the cockerel prominently. The new logo which was used starting in 2006 was aimed at rebranding the football team but used design elements that still had a connection to their rich history.


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