Wondering Why?

Why do SSDs cost so much?

SSD’s, or solid state drives, are storage devices for computer data.  They differ from standard hard disk drives in the sense that no moving elements are involved in the electronic storage system.  This feature makes an SSD better than an HDD in terms of better resistance to shock and processing efficiency.  All these additional features also make SSDs cost so much more than HDDs.  Some people have even wondered why SSDs of the same capacity can have a wide disparity in terms of prices.  There can be as much as 10 or 100 times higher price expected for SSD brands over other products.

As for the experts in SSD technology and pricing schemes, many of them will point out that SSDs are not all about storage capacity.  Two SSD products, for example, may have identical storage, but they are actually not made the same and do not have the same features.  One big reason for the high cost of some SSDs is the processing speed.  As the experts will suggest, faster SSDs will ultimately demand a higher price when compared to entry-level variations.  Large enterprises, for example, may want to get more from their SSD, and this could be in the form of processing speed.  In order to have this additional feature, these enterprises may need to provide greater capital to get what they want for this electronic storage device.

Memory also plays a big part in terms of SSD pricing.  The higher the memory capacity, the higher the price of the SSD will be.  A memory that runs under RAM, for example, is typically about 10 times more expensive than the more generic flash memory types. SSD reliability and security may also be additional features of some SSDs, and these will make the price increase as well.  Not all SSDs are equipped with enhanced data security configurations or advanced encryption technologies.  With these seemingly high-end features, the prices of SSDs will be expected to greatly increase as well.



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