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Why do the Dutch wear clogs?

The Dutch are known to have worn clogs since ancient times.  Clogs are types of shoes that are typically made of wood.  Most clogs are even made of entire wood.  These shoes may not have been the most comfortable for the Dutch back in the past but they had actually served an important purpose.  Much of The Netherlands back in ancient times is said to be very marshy with roads that are full of mud.  The Netherlands is literally situated on a land that is considered below sea-level and with this condition, many portions of the country were always thick with mud.  In order for the Dutch to efficiently and smoothly navigate or walk through these areas, they wore shoes that are made of wood.  These shoes or clogs, known as “klompen” in The Netherlands, became very practical footwear choices in muddy roads and areas.  Not only do these shoes protect the feet from getting wet, the clogs actually made it easier for the Dutch to walk in marshy and muddy fields.

In the case of Dutch farmers for example, walking through wet ground would always present a physical challenge.  Using clogs though made it easier for them to go through their daily activities.  For people who live in cities, there are also muddy areas wherein the clogs become very practical.  Despite the noise produced by these wooden shoes, many Dutch men and women in the past have worn them because of practicality.

At present times, not many people use clogs for their day-to-day activities.  Only those that live in the country or in farmlands wear clogs for some outdoor activities.  The wooden shoes of the past eventually faded in popularity with most Dutch wearing regular and modern shoes nowadays.  Clogs are only worn by some Dutch men and women as costumes during cultural events or during important occasions.


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