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Why do they call it Black Friday?

Why do they call it black Friday?

The Friday known for thanksgiving is considered in the western countries to be one of the busiest days of the year. It is busy especially for retailers, as people perform large shopping sprees during this day, as a mark of the beginning of the Christmas season. Some believe this day to be the traditional start of the holiday season, and when people do a lot of shopping. However, people also do a lot of shopping during the days that are nearer to Christmas. So, it would not be apt to call black Friday as the biggest shopping day.

To understand the reason behind this black Friday, we need to know about something that has happened back in 60′s. Laurence H. Black was one of the best floor men working in old Osberger’s department store. He was there for over 30 years, starting from the late 1920′s. He was part of this store from when it was a small store until it became a big retail palace in North Geary Street. His shop in the industry was highly respected by all people, and not just by other retail trading centers in the city. By the 1950′s, as the Osberger’s expanded, Mr. Black was invited by many traders to train sellers at various stores. He used to Love that downtown store so much that he was one of the first to enter the store in the morning, just behind Wharton Osberger, and the last to leave. On the day of Nov.27th 1964, after his 12 hour shift, when the massive brass clock was showing 7:48PM, Laurence H. Black collapsed with a heart attack. Osberger’s store remained closed on the following day, and the city’s other retail stores wore black as a tribute to him. The following year, on the Friday after Thanksgiving, all the employees wore black suits and dresses as a mark of respect to this man, with a moment of silence at 7:48PM. This was followed the same way in the coming years, and was practiced by all the other stores too.


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