Why do tires lose pressure?

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Rubber tires will lose pressure regardless if a car or a bike, for example, is constantly used or not.  Although some people have different theories and explanations for this concern, the basic reason is that a small amount of air will eventually seep out of the tire. This process is called permeation, and it will happen even if the car or bike is not used for a long period. Whether a particular car, for example, is used for daily commutes or stays in the garage for several weeks or months, its tires will still lose some pressure.  For this reason, motorists and drivers are always advised to monitor their tire pressure.  This advice applies to motorized cars and even mechanical bicycles.

It is also said that tires tend to lose more pressure during warmer months  compared to colder months.  This simply means that in the summer, tires will deflate more because of the increase in temperature in the environment.  And because of this concern, some drivers get too paranoid and over-inflate their tires especially during the summer months.  Although some people might suggest inflating tires to their maximum level, many experts caution otherwise.  Instead, motorists are advised to have their tires inflated to the ideal level as directed by their respective manufacturers.  In this way, the car or bike will perform better  just because of properly-inflated tires.

The right level of inflation of tires is also very important in terms of preventing road accidents.  There have been various incidents that road mishaps were attributed to problems concerning tire inflation.  To avoid possible problems on the road, people are regularly reminded to check the right level of inflation for their tires.  And since everybody knows that the tire pressure will eventually get low over time, then regular checking is a must for a car’s better performance and a safer ride.


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