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Why Do Toilets Clog?

Most toilets clog because of poor drainage flow in the immediate plumbing connected to it. The up-curving trap of plumbing right next to the toilet drainage hole is one area where the flow is tighter than the rest of the plumbing, so it is more likely for the waste to get clogged up there instead of other parts.

While human waste and toilet paper can also clog toilets, flushing other objects down the toilet can contribute to it even greatly. Any kind of tissue paper, other than toilet paper that is designed to easily dissolve in water, should not be flushed down. Often children can flush random objects down the toilet and that can cause a clog before too long. Anything that could immediately or over time block the flow of water could clog the toilet. In extraordinary circumstances, flooding can result in clogging up of the toilets.

However, unless there is some serious problem with the drainage system of your neighborhood, clogged toilets can be fixed without a great deal of trouble. You can unclog the toilet without calling a plumber by turning to your first line of defense, the plunger. The plunger is a widely recognized and most commonly used toilet unclogging tool, as it helps create the suction required to remove the blockade from the drain. In order to ensure that the plunger works, make sure that its shape fit your toilet and that there is some water in the toilet drain and that the plunger completely cover the toilet flush drain hole.

Sometimes the clog is too hard to fix and requires the help of a professional plumber. Plumbers often use a special wire instrument to unclog the toilet called the auger. This instrument is powered by a motor and helps remove blockades, reaching which would be very difficult otherwise.

While toilet clogs can be a drag to fix, a little caution and prevention can save you from the inconvenience it causes.


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