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Why do towels get stiff

Why do towels get stiff

Often when we purchase towels it is soft and fluffy. But after several washes it turns stiff, rough, and crackly. Why is this so? Here are the possible reasons why.

Towels get to stiffen and lose its absorbency primarily because it is washed using hard water or too much fabric detergents. Hard water is a kind of water containing a high value of dissolved minerals in it. Because of this, detergents and soaps lather inadequately resulting to applying more detergent and soap during laundry that builds up into the towel. Try to rinse your towel twice before drying to remove excess detergent and maintain/restore its fluffiness when dried.

Hard water can be resolved by filtering the water before using it. It can also be treated using water softeners” or chemicals that are designed to take out dissolved minerals in the water. Or, you can always choose to purchase detergents and soaps that are specially used for hard water.

Towels also tend to stiffen when it is left outside to dry for a long period of time and directly heated by the sunlight. It is much better, if you are drying your towel using clothes line, to place the towel where it is not directly heated by the sun. This is also effective in preventing discoloration if using colored towels as too much exposure to sunlight tends to dull its original color. And as soon as you feel that your towel is dry, take it out from the clothes line to avoid dryness.

Also, try to fluff your towel before you hang them on the clothes line or placing it inside the dryer. When using a dryer, use medium heat and do not let your towel stay inside for too long. Fluff them also before folding.

Some people might also say not to use fabric softener when rinsing because they tend to coat the towel’s fibers resulting to poor absorbency yet there are some people who thinks otherwise.


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