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Why Do Ugly Girls Get Boyfriends?

Why Do Ugly Girls Get Boyfriends?

What is ugly anyway? This topic may all end up in the subject of self-esteem. When girls see themselves as not so pretty, not as popular as all the others and someone who gets no dates during the prom night, they tend to downgrade themselves. Full of envy, they submit to the thought that they are like the grass being stepped on, and they do nothing about it.

Teenagers are the ones who are usually confronted with this situation because it is during this stage that we establish our societal personalities. Ugly girls are often bullied and called with different names. They are the ones who stay at the back of the class or in the corner of the room. With no friends to keep them company, they are considered freaks, loners and geeks.

Now, we discuss about why these ugly girls get boyfriends. The answer can almost be the same as the question. Who says that they cannot have boyfriends? Do we not have equal rights here? On a deeper note, let us look into what happens if a girl sees herself as ugly or if she has been told by the people around her that she doesn’t fit in the society.

They adapt to their environment. At first they wish of being the ‘it, girl in the whole class, but eventually, they realize that it is far too ambitious. They change their mindset and shift their attention into more important things in life where they think they could excel. Take for example, academics and sports. You need not be pretty in order to ace you Calculus exams, right?

Since they cannot rely on their looks to relate interpersonally to others, they unknowingly develop a more engaging demeanor, smart personalities, keener sense of the needs of others and they give more importance to the relationship they have for others. Literally, they keep the relationship they have with their colleagues, family members, clients or teachers in school. These kinds of attitude make them attractive. Most people who do not have the same problems frequently disregard this, therefore, they do not have the chance to grow the way those ‘ugly girls, did.


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