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Why do Underarms itch?

Why do Underarms itch?

Underarms are found in the upper portion of the body that, as its name suggests, are located under the arms. Scientifically called as the axilla, underarms are otherwise known as armpits or oxter. This body part is found directly under the joint that connects the shoulder and arm. In common vocabulary, the term armpits typically means an object or place which is full of grease, awful-smelling and unpleasant. The underarms are the common where mercuric thermometer is placed to obtain one’s temperature. It is also one of the common sites of the body which is greatly vulnerable to tickling and sensitive to soft, light touch. The underarms are also one among the parts of the body which often produce sweat and exude awful odor especially after physical activity is exerted.
As underarms are vulnerable to tickling, it is also vulnerable to itch. Underarm itch is commonly experienced by many. There are quite a number of reasons being identified that cause underarms to itch. One of the most viable reasons why underarms itch is because of poor hygiene. There are people who only cleanse their body only once a day. This facilitates accumulation of sweat and dirt that permits bacteria to lodge in. this then may cause the underarms to itch. Another reason why underarms itch is because of infection. The excessive presence of a yeast known as Candida Albicans can contribute to an itchy underarms. Allergies and rashes are also found to be one of the many causes why underarms itch. Other medical conditions such as scabies, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and neurodermatitis are few of the many precipitating factors that can cause the underarms to itch.
That is why good personal hygiene along with a healthy diet and lifestyle can allay conditions such as itchy underarms.


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