Wondering Why?

Why do universities do research?

Universities and other big educational institutions frequently do research on different topics and fields of interests.  Being considered a large educational institution is somewhat expected by most people that a university is doing some kind of research about almost anything under the sun.  One basic reason for this is the basic quest for new learning and knowledge.  Although universities are believed to already possess a large pool of intelligent and knowledgeable people, many still aim to know more or know things better.  As many would say, there will always be a thirst for knowledge, and gaining new insights can never be achieved without doing some work like research.  Some universities also specialize in some fields of study, and they need to have research programs to support the educational needs of their students.

It is also common for universities to conduct research because of private and/or public sponsorships.  Many schools, like universities, are sometimes relied upon when it comes to searching for information and analyzing it for specific purposes.  Some research information may be used up to make improvements in a lot of things including the various service sectors of the government.  There are also research programs that are privately funded, and usually in these cases, universities will have financial incentives to fund other educational programs.  This is in exchange, of course, for the research results generated from the funded project.

In some cases also, universities implement research programs on their own to maintain their reputation or status as a top, educational institution.  With people’s perceptions and opinions playing a large part on the student population and so-called branding of the school, various universities continue to do research for the simple reason that it is expected of them and to give the school a good reputation.  Sometimes new technologies and ideas may be uncovered by a certain university because of its research program, and this will help propel the school to become not only respected but popular.


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