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Why do valves bend?

The valves are major parts of any given engine.  Depending on the type and size of the car engine, the system may involve four valves or six valves, for example.  More valves in the engine system are known to provide better engine performance in terms of efficiency, torque, and power. The valve system in engines also performs or constantly moves in its proper place while giving the engine power and efficiency.  With its constant movement, some of these valves may bend over time.  The bending of these valves is not a common occurrence when talking about new engines that are produced from modern technologies.  Older engines, meanwhile, may be more susceptible to the valves bending.

One common cause of an engine’s valves bending is the common wear-and-tear problem.  The valve system relies on the smooth functioning of the other engine parts including the chains or timing belts, for example.  If these parts become broken due to regular wear, it may cause bending of the valves as they touch other parts in the system while moving through the camshafts.  For older engines, the other parts that get broken or damaged are what causes the valves to bend.  It is quite uncommon or unlikely for the engine valves to bend themselves.

Valves bending may also be due to engine overuse or over-revolution.  This condition may happen when the person driving the car is not experienced enough to perform smooth gear shifting.  When there is an over-revolution in the engine and the driver decides to downshift to the lowest gear, this mistake may then cause the valves to bend.  In this case, the wrong gear is chosen, and this makes the engine over-calculate in terms of revolutions.  Misaligned parts in the valve system may also be the reason for their bending.  It could be attributed to the valve stem, the springs, or rocker arms.  Whatever part is in question, it must be replaced or repaired in order to keep the valves from bending.


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