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Why do vampires need to be invited in?

In the world of mythology, vampires are considered one of the most popular and mysterious beings or creatures.  They are known to survive on the blood of living persons and so many of them typically go on a biting spree on human beings.  Some people refer to vampires as lost souls or evil spirits while others see them as super humans with mysterious powers and traits.  With so many stories going around regarding vampires, many have also wondered with the notion that these creatures have to be invited into people’s homes for example.  As for the experts, this so-called invitation is said to be a lure for them that they can’t resist. With their blood-sucking nature, an invitation to come in a human being’s home is considered a fatal attraction.  If people want to experience what it’s like to be with vampires, then they must invite them into their homes.

Invitation by living creatures to vampires is considered an offer that vampires couldn’t resist.  Some people refer to the invitation as a weakness among vampires.  As the experts in mythology would say, once the vampire get’s in somebody’s home, there’s no stopping them from what they would do.  Inviting vampires is likened to tempting vampires to do what they do best and that is to kill people by sucking out their blood.  Vampires are often referred to as demons and evil spirits and when they are invited to someone’s home or room for example, this someone should also expect the worse because the invitation cannot be undone.  Once the invitation is given, there is no turning back for vampires and they will be attracted to the person who gave the invitation.

The concept of vampire invitations is said to have rooted from various vampire-related literature in the past.  Many of these so-called vampire characteristics have evolved over time but the concept of inviting them in people’s home remain to be common plot even in today’s mythical stories.


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