Wondering Why?

Why do video games come out on Tuesdays?

Most, if not all, new video games are released on a Tuesday.  This has been the norm in the video game industry, but not many people actually know the history behind it. Some people also do not care much about what day a particular video game is released as long as they get to have their copy of their favorite game whenever they are available.

There are a lot of theories and perhaps speculation on why big video game releases always fall on a Tuesday.  Some people argue that it has just become a standard release day for video games, much like the Thursday opening of new movies in theaters.  And since many people in the past decided to release new games on a Tuesday, many other companies followed the practice which eventually led to the usual Tuesday release of most new video games.

But others point out a more valid reason for choosing Tuesday as the release day of new video games.  When it comes to the sales aspect of video games, Tuesday has been considered a very slow day. This simply means that not many videos are sold on Tuesdays making it the day of choice for new releases and eventually helping the overall sales performance for the same day.  This also holds true for other products like DVDs and even books which are also released on Tuesdays.  With new releases on this particular day, retailers will have better sales figures for Tuesday, and this may result in better sales for the entire week.  Other people also point out that products like new video games need some time for shipment during the week so Tuesdays provide the perfect start.  If there is a great demand for products on a Tuesday, then there is ample time available for additional shipments for the expected sales surge during the weekend.


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