Why do we Celebrate President’s Day?

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Why do we Celebrate President’s Day?

President’s Day is celebrated in America in the month of February in the memory of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. The federal holiday falls on the third Monday of February. This day was initially called as Washington’s Birthday. It was recognized as such by president Chester Arthur in 1885 as the day meant for honoring the ‘father of our country,. In 1960, the occasion was named President’s day. It was meant to honor President Abraham Lincoln but the name of the holiday did not change officially. For the advertisers, media and calendars makers, the day is represented as President’s Day only. The White House also considers the holiday as President’s Day rather than Washington’s Birthday.

It has become a trend later that each state celebrates this holiday in the honor of other Presidents. The day remained same but the names and the people honored changed. Each state was interested in honoring the President who was born and brought up in that state.

In Virginia , the holiday is recognized as George Washington Day. Massachusetts honors all the Presidents who come from that state. Alabama celebrates in honor of Washington and Jefferson. In California and in many other states, this day is considered as a federal holiday. The celebration of the birthday of Abraham Lincoln is a separate state holiday. Regardless of the persons in whose memory the holiday is celebrated, President’s Day remembers all the leaders of the United States and the services they have rendered to the nation.

Many Americans celebrate this day by camping, travel or recreation. Some people celebrate by going to picnics with their families and friends. Schools have the students travel around to try to teach other students about the U.S. Presidents especially Washington and Lincoln.

However, many people believe that this day was meant only for George Washington as he led the Americans in the War of Independence and created the new constitution.

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