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Why do we Celebrate Veterans Day?

Why do we celebrate Veterans Day?

Among all the holidays and festivals being celebrated in the United States, Veterans Day is considered to be the most nationalistic of them all. This day, however, should not be confused with Memorial Day, as the latter is celebrated every last Monday of May. Veterans Day is remembered every 11th of November, or whenever the nearest weekday is, and is the time to honor all the living veterans, and a time to thank them for all their bravery and service to the country. Memorial Day is a day to commemorate those who have died for the country.

Now, according to some, holidays are often celebrated in honor of the greatness of certain people who have passed away, so why do we actually celebrate Veterans Day?

Veterans are people who have been able to render long years of services in a particular field, as for this example, in the military. Because they have been in service for so long, they are always looked up to, and spoken of with great respect.

The proclamation of the very first Veterans Day, or Armistice Day, was done by United States President Woodrow Wilson, and was celebrated on November 11, 1919. Seven years later, a resolution was passed proclaiming that Veterans Day should be celebrated with proper ceremonies. Thus, the date was made a legal holiday to honor those who have served the country by becoming part of the military. Armistice Day has also been dedicated to the cause of world peace. In 1954, Armistice Day became officially known as Veterans Day.

Outside the United States of America, Armistice Day is still celebrated, and is called Remembrance Day. This was the day ‚ at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month ‚ that the Armistice was signed, putting an end to the First World War.


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