Why do we fight?

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Why do we fight?

It’s mine! No it’s mine! How many times did we hear this phrase from children fighting over a toy? A countless times perhaps. In fact, we ourselves can admit that we have uttered those words at least once in our childhood or at times even when we have reached our adult life.
From this point of view, we can get a little answer why do we fight. Is it really in our human nature to fight? I believe it is. People fight for a lot of reasons. It could be jealousy, envy, moral or political values.

Even in our own household, we witness fights among siblings, husbands against wives and even parents against their children. Fights amongst siblings have always been a common scene. It could either start with simple issues like who takes a bath later, or who gets the bigger pancake to major issues such as jealousy where a sibling feels that their parents favor one daughter or son to the other. No matter how parents try to balance their attention among their children, jealousy and petty fights are still nevertheless unavoidable. Even parents themselves fight, mostly about decisions being made on the household. A wife would plan where they may go for the holidays while the husband feels they need to save some money and skip the holidays. Or, if the husband would like to spend a weekend morning playing golf with friends, the wife in the meantime would tell him not to go and watch their son’s baseball practice instead. The result: Argument.

Like I said earlier, I believe it is human nature to antagonize each other. Intentional or not, it more often than not result to fighting.

If these things happen right in front of our noses, right inside our homes and among our families, imagine the situation outside. People can pick up a fight while having a drink with buddies by simply hearing political or religious views which may be against their own beliefs.
It is in reality illogical. But it happens a lot.

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