Why do wine glasses have stems?

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Wine glasses have different sizes and shapes, and these variations are also used specifically for different types of wine.  As for wine lovers and experts, the different shapes and sizes of wine glasses also correspond to a specific variety of wine.  Most wine glasses also have stems with some types having very long stems.  With so many wine glasses to choose from, some people often wonder why these glasses often have stems.  Some people argue that wine can just be consumed using a standard glass.

Some experts in the wine industry point out that the perception of the wine can actually be dictated by the shape of the wine glass.  This explains why most wine glasses have stems.  When drinking wine, for example, it is said that a person cannot fully appreciate the wine’s taste when the wrong wine glass is used.  As for the stems, they basically help in the perception of the glass’s shape.  Champagnes, for example, are said to be best served with long stems and narrower bowls. The stems in this case basically add to the celebratory perception associated with champagnes.  Other wines, meanwhile, are best served using wider bowls with shorter stems to give another perception on the taste and aroma.  Despite no backing in terms of scientific research, many people still promote the importance of the wine glass’s shape in terms of wine tasting perceptions.

Wine stems also serve a practical purpose especially for white wines. These types of wines are typically served chilled, and so most of them are served with long stems.  The stems serve to preserve the cool temperature of the wine, and people are advised to hold on to this part rather than on the bowl area.  As for these chilled wines, the warmth of the hands may affect the temperature and taste of the wine, and so drinking them must be used with glasses that have long stems so that people will hold the stems rather than the bowl area.

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