Wondering Why?

Why do Women get facial hair?

Some women may notice that they may start to grow facial hair and often wonder what causes this.  If you are like most women, the chances are you are not too happy about the appearance of facial hair and often wonder what you can do. In approximately ten percent of women, a medical condition known as hirsutism exists. This is the medical term for women who grow facial hair.

There are a few reasons why women get facial hair and this medical condition is one of them. One may wish to talk to their doctor as this could be a sign of anther underlying medical condition.  Depending on one’s age and the presence of facial could point to some serious medical conditions. If you are an older women and you suddenly start to notice facial hair, one should speak with their medical doctor as this could be a sign of ovarian cancer or tumors. While this is not often the case, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Some other medical causes may include diabetes, obesity and insulin resistance. Women who have stopped taking birth control may also start to see an increase in facial hair. This why it is important to seek medical advice when one does start to see hair growth on the face. While sometimes it is something as simple as an imbalance of hormones, it may also be an underlying medical condition.

Certain drugs and medications may also cause for the unwanted hair growth. Once one has ruled out any underlying medical causes for facial hair growth, then they may need to accept that it could be either genetics or hormones that are causing them to have facial hair growth. These are the most common reasons to answer the question why do women get facial hair.


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