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Why do Women use Makeup?

Why do Women use Makeup?

It is common that women wear makeup. But it is also not uncommon that many women do not wear makeup. When we read the ancient writings we can understand that men are attracted towards the beauty of women ever since the human race has started.

When we look this aspect in spiritual terms men and women have male and female energies in them. Male energy is described as the part of God that has manifested into a form. Male energy is very much focused and strives for reaching the goal. It results in formation of individuality. The female energy is the prime source that has not manifested into a form but is oceanic. The female energy tends to explore and eager to attain some experience from outside. The male energy answers the longing of the female energy and manifests female energy into a form.

The above explanation gives reason for the attraction that exists between a man and woman. Their energies tend to obtain perfection and hence both men and women like their opposite sex and get attracted to them. In fact it is mentioned that male and female energies are two sides of one form of energy. Men have a tendency to enjoy the facial beauty of women. Women have a feeling that their beauty should be admired by others. Women generally feel happy even when other women enjoy their beauty.

In order to impress her boyfriend or husband with her beautiful face, woman wears makeup. Makeup will show up the healthiness of the face and hides the drawbacks if it has any. By wearing makeup women can attract others and most of the times her husband. Generally women feel proud when anyone at their work place flatters about her beautiful face. So, whether it is to be liked by her husband or to be flattered by others women wear makeup to appear good.


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