Wondering Why?

Why do wounds heal?

Wounds, whether big or small, actually have the natural tendency to heal themselves.  This basic fact of life is the main reason that wounds heal.  Some wounds may not heal so quickly, but given time and possibly some medication to prevent complications and infections, wounds will heal.  A simple explanation for this is that human bodies, for example, are equipped with various mechanisms to help themselves when illness or injury strikes.  In the case of wounds, the body’s systems involving the blood and the skin, for example, will work hand-in-hand to help repair themselves.  Sometimes, though, external help may be necessary in the form of wound cleansing or medicines to prevent infection or to help wounds heal faster.

Wound healing takes place like a long process of events starting with blood clotting in the wounded area.  This first stage of the healing process is necessary to help prevent too much blood loss.  After this stage, inflammation will occur at the wounded site. At this stage, parts of the blood will rush to the wounded site to kill bacteria and other invasive or infectious substances.  The next stage will be a collagen buildup to help the sides of the wound to contract and make contact.  It is at this time that there will be skin closure to the wounded site.

There are times, though, that wound healing may not come easily the natural way.  Sometimes external assistance is needed to help speed up the different stages involved in wound healing.  For wounds that are infected, some medicines may be necessary to help white blood cells in stopping these organisms from delaying the healing process.  There may also be instances that medical stitches or skin grafting may be necessary to help with the collagen buildup at the wounded site.  These medical techniques may also be needed to help expedite wound closure and the final stage of the wound-healing process.


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