Why do Wounds swell?

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Why do Wounds swell?

Lymph nodes are small structures whose size is same as that of a pea. They consist of cells which help to protect the body from getting sick. These white blood cells are called as macrophages and lymphocytes. During the time of infection, these cells become sick and fight with the germs that cause the disease. Hence, the lymph nodes swell due to the presence of any infectious disease or due to the generation of any unusual tissue in the lymph nodes. Lymph nodes swell at the time of viral or bacterial infections. The viruses and bacteria affect the nodes; the nodes become hard and increase in size and cause pain. During the time of cold and flu, lymph nodes enlarge in size and causes pain. The swelling of lymph nodes might also indicate the infection at some other part of the body.

If there is a wound or cut in the body or the blood is infected, it might be observed that the lymph nodes swell all through the body. Generally the lymph nodes that are nearer to the infected wound or cut swell, if the wound is infected. It is also studied that histamines are released from the wound when it is swollen. The swelling is due to the increase in fighting mechanism of the immune system against the viruses and bacteria which might have entered the wound.

The injury created in the body respond by swelling which indicates the immune mechanism of the body against the bacteria that can affect the injury. When there is any wound at certain part of the body, the white blood cells reach the wounded site and start attacking the bacteria and other germs. During this process, lot of fluid gets accumulated there which causes the swelling of that part. Hence, wounds swell. Inflammation or swelling of the wound occurs in two forms. One is normal inflammation and the other is abnormal inflammation. Normal one occurs when the white blood cells fight with the foreign substances entering into the body. Abnormal inflammation will be due to the reaction of the substances present in the same body with the immune system. This might cause autoimmune disease.

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