Why Do Zits Hurt?

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Why Do Zits Hurt?

Pimples or zits are a skin condition afflicting the face and upper torso of the body. Nobody is immune to this problem as most people will get it one time or another in their lives. But most of the time, this occurs during the adolescent years and may continue to appear up to the late forties depending on the skin make up of the individual.

Zits occur in the tiny pores that make up the skin. When oil is trapped along with dirt, it causes a build-up of bacteria that causes inflammation. This results into the reddish spots that becomes bothersome because they appear, of all places, in the face. And the worse thing about them is they can become painful and irritating.

The pain that one feels from touching a pimple comes from the inflammation. Although pores are very small and one would think it would hardly cause any pain, it’s also where nerve endings in the facial skin are located. Since they are very small, pores don’t really stretch and for this reason when they get clogged and infected they blow up like small balloons. They get stretched and become thinner exposing tactile nerve endings that are sensitive to the touch; this give off the stings that one with acne usually experiences.

There are many treatments for zits or acne that are available today. The most important factor to remember in trying to avoid or treat this condition is to always keep the skin clean. Using mild soaps and cleansers are better than harsh solutions that may end up damaging more of the skin. Pain from pimples can also be alleviated by soaking a clean towel in warm water and pressing it to the affected area. Dermatologists also advice people against pricking or squeezing zits as they may end up more infected than they already are.

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