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Why does Disney put movies in the Vault?

Why does Disney put movies in the Vault?

For almost a century now, Disney has been releasing movies on VHS and DVD only temporarily for people to buy and then storing them in what they call the Disney Vault. This has been confusing to some people because most movies stay out once they have been put on the shelves to be sold. What many don’t know about this strategy that Disney uses is that they actually profit more by putting the movies in their vault and keeping them there for a decade at a time. Maybe it’s not the most popular way of doing things, but it has been working for them for a long time now.

The fact that they can make more money by doing this has been proven and is definitely one of the main reasons why they started to put movies in this so called vault. When they deprive people of their favorite movies for such a long time, there is a much higher chance that those same people go out and buy the movies that they love once they do come out again. This selling strategy may make it seem like they would be losing money because people aren’t able to buy their movies each and every day, but the fact is that they can sell thousands in a couple of weeks instead of just a couple hundred a year.

Another reason why Disney likes to take their movies off of the market is so that they remain fresh for every new generation of children. Kids absolutely love basically everything that Disney has ever made, so when they feel like they are seeing a new movie, it makes it even a bigger seller. It is also like a new event to people who have seen these movies in the past because they haven’t been around for a while.

Some people think that it is pretty unfair of Disney to take these movies off of the shelves so quickly each time around, but others like the idea of being able to to buy something that could be considered a valuable collectible.


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