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Why Does Domestic violence Happen?

Why Does Domestic violence Happen?

One of the most frustrating things in the world to most people is the fact that domestic violence happens every day with no signs of slowing down. It happens because, let’s face it, there are a lot of angry and uncontrollable people out there who let their rage out on the people who they are supposed to love the most. It’s not as simple as just pointing to one particular thing as the reason for this, but for the most part, it comes down to just a couple of things.

One reason why domestic violence happens is because the two people who are together, whether just a simple girlfriend and boyfriend relationship or a marriage, just don’t belong together and clash constantly over everything. It starts out as verbal arguments but can often lead to much worse scenarios. The worst part about these situations is that once the domestic violence starts, chances are it is going to continue until either someone gets badly hurt or the cops get involved.

Sometimes, domestic violence isn’t a regular occurrence in a home and just happens once, but this is as serious as any of the other cases out there because it’s dangerous and in most cases can lead to depression or worse. These situations usually occur when a man or a woman have all of their rage build up and then they can’t contain it anymore so it comes out as physical aggression.

It really is terrible that domestic violence happens, but the only way for it to slow down is for people to understand why it happens in the first place so they can avoid those scenarios. Talking about one’s problems is a great start and is something that everyone should do. It’s easy for people to let the problem get out of control and turn into a domestic violence type of situation.


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