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Why Does Google look like this Today?

Why Does Google look like this Today?

Google is one of the biggest Search Engines available right now in the internet. The earlier home page for this search process was simple and decorative. The google page was bearing a specific image on the top of the search bar and that was really attractive. Today, google looks more informative rather than decorative. Several options like images, maps, news, Orkut, gmail and many more are easily accessible from the home page itself today. Another important service in Google search engine is an option called igoogle which allows us to create a new home page of our own. Having a web page of our own might benefit us in communicating with the public effectively as well as keeping an address for ourselves in the internet to carry out any important transactions, if any, in our business deals.
Apart from accessing web pages, Google today provides a facility to look at the images of the topics that we are searching. Google news and maps provide the important facility to look at the various latest news issues which are very much useful for us in daily activities. The new browser called as google chrome is also an extra provision for internet use. The mailing option gmail in google can be directly accessed today from its home page by clicking on a link rather than typing a URL for the mail.
The provision for scholarly or advanced searches in google with the help of key words and some more options, helps many people to focus their search properly on a topic. This option is directly available in the home page and in a simple manner. Access to YouTube which possesses videos can be done through google home page itself today. Aside from all these, photos of our choice or our personal photos can be stored and mailed through options available in the google home page called Picasa and photos.


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