Why does India have nuclear weapons?

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Why does India have nuclear weapons?

India has nuclear weapons way back since 1970s. Its nuclear weapon program was started at Bhabha Atomic Research Center in Trombay. In 1950s India has attempted to go for technologies used for two purposes under the ‘Nuclear force for Peace, non-proliferation program. This program concentrates on using nuclear technologies for better society and has made agreement that it will not use for military purposes.

It was evident to everyone in 1950s that India would not be interested in nuclear weapon program. Under its program ‘Nuclear force for Peace, India has Cirus 40 MWt heavy water moderated reactor brought from Canada for research purpose. It had also bought heavy water from US for the operation. While making use of this reactor for research reprocessing machinery was launched at Trombay in 1964 to clear out the plutonium released by the reactor.

The Plutonium was later used in 18th of May, 1974 for India’s primary nuclear test. This test was described by the government of India as ‘harmless nuclear explosion,.

In 1980s India started making thermo nuclear weapons. India was purifying lithium, producing tritium and separating lithium isotopes. India performed nuclear testing with many nuclear explosions known as operation shakthi after twenty-four years. The then prime minister Mr. Vajpayee headed the nuclear tests conducted on 8th of April, 1998.

On 11th of May, 1998, three nuclear devices were tested followed by two more on 13th of May, 1998. Both the tests were called as Shakti nuclear tests conducted at Pokhran. The first Indian prime minister, Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru in one of his speeches had said that every country will defend itself with scientific devises for protection and India uses nuclear force for development of the country without harming anyone. But if India is forced to face any war it will definitely try to defend itself by using all types of forces it possesses.
According to a report it is said that the objective of India in possessing nuclear arsenal is to be deliberately active and functionally dormant. India wants to increase its ability to counterattack while being patient and restraint.

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