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Why does Lil Wayne sound like that?

Why does Lil Wayne sound like that?

There are many aspiring and successful rappers out there who tend to mold themselves after the popular rappers of today and from eras in the past. One of the most successful and controversial rappers that we have in today’s market is Lil Wayne. Wayne has had his ups and downs throughout His music career as well as his numerous altercations with the law, but no matter what anyone says about him, he has always remained one of the most popular and successful rappers in quite a long time. He has fans spanning the globe who look up to him and want to be able to rap like him. He has collaborated with many of the best rappers in the world on multiple hit singles as well. There are not a lot of things that this man has not yet accomplished in the music business.

One of the biggest things that has always set Lil Wayne apart from his competition in the music industry has been his unique voice that is portrayed throughout all of his hit singles. His voice sounds a little bit like a growl and can sound like a bit of a whine at times as well, but it is most definitely unique no matter what it is. This voice seems to come out naturally, but the fact of the matter is that he practiced setting himself apart from the rest by having a different voice than anyone had ever heard before. I think that this was a brilliant idea, even though I am not a massive fan of the voice at this point.

Lil Wayne will hopefully get all of his things in order and finally stay out of jail one of these days. If he wants to remain successful and not have to spend all of his money on fines and lawyers and things like that, he just really needs to focus on continuing to create fresh music for the fans all over the world that love him and look up to him.


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