Why Does my Tongue hurt when I eat Pineapple?

Why Does my Tongue hurt when I eat Pineapple?

The natural enzyme bromelain is inherent in the tangy taste of pineapple. This enzyme naturally breaks down protein. Medicinally, it is beneficial in the treatment of bronchitis, asthma, angina, and digestive problems. Bromelain is, however, very powerful and is the culprit of the stinging sensation in the tongue which one may experience after eating pineapple. In some cases, it starts to digest in the tongue, which can cause the tongue to bleed.

The tongue can be an indicator of problems in the body. If your tongue stings when you eat citrus fruits other than pineapple, then it could be possible that this is a personal sensitivity to acidity. This could be a natural reaction of the body, or an indication of an infection. Several tongue disorders are hereditary. Geographic tongue is a chronic problem that only becomes apparent after one eats acidic foods. If the pain is persistent or overbearing, consult a medical professional.

If the temptation of pineapple is worth the pain (the course of love never did run smoothly), try drinking water while eating pineapple, or diluting the juice.


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  1. Love love love this article! Thanks so much, i have always wondered why my tongue feels on fire after eating pineapple! Thanks again :) Bindi


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