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Why Does Nail polish Bubble?

Why Does Nail polish Bubble?

Most women have experience this same problem whenever they are applying nail polish to their nails. Instead of getting a good result, their nail polish starts to bubble thus ruining the polish and they will have to start all over again. There are a few reasons why this occurs and most of them are very obvious.

1. Shaking the container before applying the nail polish. Whenever you do this, air bubbles get inside the container. Instead of shaking the bottle, turn the bottle upside down and roll it over a flat surface or on your palm several times. Roll it in your hands at a slight angle.

2. Nail polishing inside a humid room can also cause bubbling. In high temperatures, air particles spread out far and wide and are absorbed by your nail polish causing bubbles. Nail polish molecules expand in hot temperature and open them to air particles.

3. Drying under direct heat as in lamps or hair blowers can also cause your polish to bubble.

4. Applying nail polish in front of drafts, electric fans, air conditioners etc can also cause your nail polish to bubble. When applying nail polish, find a room where there are less bubble producers.

5. Coating before drying is another factor. Let your first coating dry up first before applying another coating. By doing this, you leave no space for air to come in your nail polish.

6. Spreading your nail polish to thickly can cause bubbling because it picks up air bubbles really quickly. What you do is scooping up more air particles with every thick spread you apply.

However you apply your nail polish, what is important is the result. I hope this article helped you get some ideas on how to apply your nail polish without getting any bubbles in it.


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