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Why Does Romeo kill Tybalt?

Why Does Romeo kill Tybalt?

One of the greatest stories that has ever been told has to be that of Romeo and Juliet. William Shakespeare really got this one right when he pitted the Montague family against the Capulet family in the timeless classic of family feuds leading to unconditional love. Romeo has to be one of the most interesting and also confusing characters that I have ever read about. He is wise beyond his years and fearless when it comes to getting what he wants at whatever the price may be. I actually played his character in a play quite a few years ago and enjoyed it very much.

One of the climactic parts of this amazing story is when Romeo goes out searching for his archenemy, Tybalt, to exact revenge on the killing of one of his best friends, Mercutio. Tybalt had gone out of his way to murder Mercutio just to get a rise out of Romeo who had been in competition for the heart and hand of Juliet. This enraged Romeo to the point of no return and he himself murdered Tybalt in one of the most classic and witty duels anyone has ever seen.

This epic love story has been told for many generations now and that duel scene and fighting for the one that you love and desire is probably one of the most important aspects that anyone has ever taken out of the story. Shakespeare really knew how to draw in his audience with the deception that things would turn out perfectly only to throw a quick curveball in the mix to throw everyone off a little bit. This is what made him one of the most influential and incredible writers of all time. The story of Romeo and Juliet will never go away and will most likely be made into many more different movies as well.


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