Why does the Xbox 360 freeze?

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Why does the Xbox 360 freeze?

When the Xbox system overheats, it freezes. This instrument has no proper cooling mechanism if the system is used for a long time. As the system has a poor ability to cool, it freezes in order to protect the internal environment from getting burnt. This problem of freezing due to overheating is displayed as error e37 on the gamer monitor.

Most of the Xbox gamers will develop a freezing problem within a year after being bought. Xbox freezes due to it heating up. The system getting heated is due to a problem in its construction. Heating can be avoided by keeping the gamer at a window that is open, under a fan or near air conditioning devices. The reason for the system heating up is due to melting of the connections between chips. Even if the hard drive is full the system becomes slow. So it is noticed, in many cases, that freezing is due to a hardware problem and poor standards in circuit preparation. When files are being downloaded, due to insufficient space on the hard disk, the system may suddenly freeze up. This will create problems, as the incompletely loaded files may not function well, and as well spoil the hardware. To come out of this situation, the network connection is temporarily removed, and the partially loaded file is deleted.

In another user’s experience, it is said that the gamer had a problem and it freezed suddenly by displaying three red lights. The owner of the system stopped using it for many days, but one fine day he casually changed the power sourcing for the system to the direct wall plugging. Earlier it was plugged through a spike. Now when the power was provided from the direct connection it started working properly. This experience indicates that the power supplied by the indirect plugging was not proper and sufficient. These are some of the situations that can make the Xbox 360 freeze.

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