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Why Does YouTube load so Slow?

Why Does YouTube load so Slow?

It is accepted by almost everyone who is using various kinds of computer configurations that youtube is getting loaded slow. But few people who are using two or more computers with different operating systems in those computers say that windows XP is able to load the videos somewhat faster than the vista systems though the configuration is low in the former system.
It is observed by some people that all other video sites are fine at downloading the videos from them or watching them on site. The problem is seen only in YouTube. I personally noticed that the videos from YouTube are properly displayed in the beginning and run for a while. However, they get stuck in the middle and buffering takes place for some time. After buffering is completed, the video starts from where it was stopped. Again after sometime it stops and again gets buffered and this continues until the total video copy is made into the system memory. Once the system memory gets the total video buffer, then the replay will be a continuous normal movie that can be viewed comfortably.
Hence I feel that it is only based on the cache memory oth than the RAM which is responsible for running the video from YouTube. But if this is the case, people might ask why the videos from other sites are comfortably getting downloaded with the same buffer capacity and not from the YouTube site. The answer for this might be that YouTube is a very busy site these days that many people are accessing it very often and also keeping their personal, official and business videos in this site.
As the access to this site is more by several people all over the world the server might not be able to provide the signal that is widely distributed, to one particular client. Probably this is the reason for the videos only from the YouTube and not from other video sites are getting downloaded slowly with much difficulty.


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