Why Does Zinc help Colds?

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Why Does Zinc help Colds?

Common cold is one of the common diseases that all people get for which there is no such exact medicine. The drugs that should be used for curing the common cold caused by viruses will change periodically with slight change in the antigenic part of the virus. But there are certain substances that can be used commonly which can improve the immune system of the human body irrespective of the antigenic sites of the virus. Important of them are zinc, Echinacea and vitamin C. These are natural substances that induce immunity in the body.
It is observed that zinc Lozenges can decrease the time period of symptoms of cold to its half to exist in the body. This means zinc increases the immunity in the human body which drives away the cold symptoms earlier than usual. In one of the clinical research studies published in the Journal of Annals of internal medicine conducted at Detroit Medical Center in Michigan, cold duration was reduced from 8 days to 4.5 days. In another study conducted at Cleveland Clinic, the median number of days for the cold symptoms to disappear or become negligible was reduced from 7 days to 4.5 days with the usage of zinc Lozenges. In a study conducted at University of Texas in 1983, zinc had diminished the duration of cold symptoms from 9 days to just 3 days. In a study it was found that 23 milligrams of zinc was found to be effective in treating the common cold symptoms.
Another study was conducted in 2008, which was done on 50 patients and published in the Journal of infectious diseases. The zinc-treated group got rid of cold symptoms within 4 days instead of seven in the placebo group. The zinc Lozenges are prepared in various ways to attract people but all of them are not effective against cold as some preparations possess ingredients that decrease the effect of zinc. Therefore, it is better to be careful before we buy Zinc Lozenge medicine.

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