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Why Fast Food is Unhealthy?

Why Fast Food is Unhealthy?

Fast foods are tasty and cheaper and can be obtained in ready-made packs also. Fast foods do not have any nutritional value. It simply satisfies the hunger for that moment and also satisfies the immediate craving for tasty food. It does not provide us with usable lasting energy or any body building materials. The essence of fast foods does not help us in anyway but cause lot of harm to us.

To provide fast food to the customer for low cost the providers generally make use of highly processed foods which have longer shelf life. They also strive for enhancing the flavor of the food. The preparation of fast food converts a healthy nutritious form of food to unhealthy, denatured form which lacks nutritional value.

It is believed by scientists through some valuable experiments that it is not the calories that are damaging the people’s health. The Food and Drug administration in US has stated that there are certain chemicals present in fast foods which cause diseases and weight gain. Those chemical additives are aspartame and monosodium glutamate.

Plant and animal products only can nourish our body but not man-made chemicals like aspartame. The unused chemical allows the body to put on weight and become prone to diseases. But one cannot deny that fast foods have lot of fats, cholesterol and sodium that can cause serious problems like high blood pressure, heart disease, and obesity.

Fast foods have poor dietary fiber levels which lead to the destabilization of blood sugar levels, a weakening of immune system and poor functioning of the colon. According to a report the adult should take in maximum of 6 gm of salt per day and children a maximum of 3 gm per day. But fast foods will provide almost 4 times to that of what is necessary for our body. So fast foods can only deplete the body of minerals and vitamins.


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  1. Furrealz? That’s maervlusoly good to know.

  2. I really need to know who wrote this article. It really helps me understanding why fast food is bad.

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