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Why Football Players Wear Bands On Their Arms?

Many football players have been spotted wearing bands on their arms during matches. Though most of the time these bands feature the club’s colors, in some instances, they don’t. Questions have consequently been asked as to why they wear them. While some have medical answers to that effect, some have no expert reasons why they do so.

The history of these bands dates back to over ten years ago when some medical teams, particularly those of NFL and Big Ten Schools, recommended the use of the bands to prevent tendinitis. They were supposed to be worn tight as a protective measure. The bands were in such cases meant to wrap their muscles thus preventing them from damage during stiff arm situations.

These medically recommended arm bands were however discontinued at the request of the same medical experts after they ascertained that the bands did not have the presumed effect.

Wearing of these bands picked up later, but without the outright advice of medical specialists. Some of the footballers just wore them to attract attention while some wore them strategically based on their roles in the team.

On the other hand, some bands are worn by the footballers with the intention of wiping out sweat. Such bands are made from cotton or some other absorbent material to make them more effective.

Moreover, many football players have mentioned that arm bands help boost their confidence during play. Such players argue that the bands grant them a feeling of sportsmanship, enabling them to overcome tension associated with football matches thus enabling them to play better.

All in all, there is no absolute medical recommendation at the moment for players to wear such bands. This is why the arm bands have switched from the tighter ones to more relaxed, absorbent or even some that are made from latex.


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